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Hunter Killer

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1. Connect your ZilPay wallet

2. Click on start game - that's it

  • There is a submarine hiding under the grid. Your mission is to click on the grid squares to hit the submarine
  • Every time you click a square, there is "hit score" - this tells you how close you were to hitting the submarine. You can use this information to narrow down the position of the submarine
  • For a direct hit, you score 100 hit points (total for the game) and the game ends there
  • You don't have to accurately hit the submarine - every hit score counts to the total game score
  • Each game is of 1 minute duration
  • Maximum 6 tries are allowed in a game
  • Every game score is modified (extra points) - rewarded for speed. So, the faster you hit the submarine, the more points you get
  • This game is in beta state, we reserve the right to amend the way game points are calculated at any time
  • In case of technical glitch, we reserve the right to void any game result
  • You have to be in the top 3 positions in a league (reward cycle). You need to play at least 20 games to qualify to win any prize
  • The minimum 20 games for prize pool qualification applies from Dec 19, 00:00 hrs UTC
  • Until Dec 31, we will be giving out 1000 ZILs every day to the top 3 positions
  • distributed as 500 ZILs to the first position, 300 ZILs to the second position and 200 ZILs to the third position on the leaderboard
  • Rewards will be distributed manually (transferred to the winning wallets the next day) and mentioned in out Telegram chat group
  • Please note that we will be moving to a subscription model from Jan 1 (as detailed in our whitepaper). The 1000 ZILs giveaway is for our game launch
  • The leaderboards get reset every 24 hours (approximately midnight, UTC)